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           Changes have taken place as to how we keep people informed about  our prayer needs.   As a church we appreciate that people have different views on prayer - what we are all agreed upon is that prayer can change things.   We therefore think it vital that we can contact people with urgent prayer requests as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE .

We have a weekly (A4) news sheet for the congregation to take home.   Part of the page is devoted to Prayer Requests; if the news sheet is sent to our members who are housebound it at least gives them the chance to join with everyone in some of our prayers.          




We have a  'PrayerWall'  on the left back wall as you enter the church.

Please feel free to 'post' your prayer request in the appropriate section -
don't forget to date your request; to save the wall getting too cluttered they are usually displayed for about a month.   Why not make your own copy of the requests - and answers 




 We operate a prayer chain to circulate urgent prayer requests around the fellowship as quickly as possible. There are three ways of being linked to the chain 

E-Mail - Those of us on the Internet can arrange to have urgent prayer requests sent by email. 

Text - Those of us with mobile phones can get prayer requests by text

Landline - Those of us who don't use new technology can be contacted by home phones

To be a link on the prayer chain by which ever method you prefer please speak to Dave Bridle or one of the  deacons 



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Revd. Armend Qehaja 

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