Brownhill Road Baptist Church

                                                                     Contact us

Phone contact - please call 020-8697-0754 - answerphone available 

All email addresses are "xxx"  where "xxx"=minister, enquiries, prayer or youth

For the minister please use minister

For general enquiries please use enquiries or email

For prayer requests please use prayer or email

For youth work enquiries please use youth or email

If you are enquiring about hiring the halls or the worship area please email and include the following information:-

Your details, date required, purpose of hire, hours and total time required - please allow 1 hour before event starts to set up and one hour after it ends to clear up and clean the areas you use (premises MUST be vacated by 11.00 p.m. at the latest), approximate anticipated number attending split (if possible) in under 12s, 12-17s and 18 and over, and whether you will need use of the kitchen. 

Please note that as El Bethel Tamil Church use the premises on Sunday afternoon and early evening it is not possible to hire any part of the buildings on a Sunday. Also we already have the Growing Patch pre-school using the premises during the day on Monday to Friday so cannot accommodate any other pre-school.